Planting the forests out is a fascinating process itself. Our impact on the happening processes is limited. That’s why we should just help the plants to have the perfect environment to grow.​


The Nature Concept ecosystem should be watered 3-4 times a year with standing water or filtered water (not mineral water).We recommend using a syringe to facilitate precise watering. Depending on the size of the jar: small ecosystems 5-10 ml of water, medium 20-30 ml, large 30-60 ml, maxi 60-80 ml. We do not sprinkle the plants, we dose the water directly on each moss, or if there is no moss in the jar - we water 1.5 cm from the plant.Your jar needs water when the moss loses its intense green color, dries and turns gray. The dark brown earth gets brighter. There are no tiny water droplets on the bottom and sides of the jar near the gravel - they are visible in well-moistened jars. If any of the above is present, make a final check to see if it's watering time. Put your finger into the ground to a depth of 2-3 cm and make sure it is moist. Sometimes only the moss is dry and the rest of the jar is not. Then we gently sprinkle the moss with a syringe.


The plant ecosystem does not like changes, it reacts to external factors. Temporary evaporation of the jar may be caused by a draft in the apartment or opening the window nearby the jar. We do not place the ecosystem near a radiator, air conditioning etc. In the first days after purchase, plants will need the time to stabilize and adapt to a new location. Therefore, there may appear steam and water droplets on the glass. This is a normal situation, but if after 4 days the water does not settle by itself, open the jar, wipe the walls with paper and close it tightly. If the ecosystem evaporates more than 2 times, change its place, do not open it and do not ventilate - this is a mistake and may cause the plants' death, as it will be a sign for them to re-adapt to new conditions.


The ecosystem feels best in a place where there is no direct contact with the sun - the sun's rays cannot pass through the jar at any time of the day, otherwise it will evaporate and the plants will start to rot. Must be placed in diffused light, light or semi-shaded position.